Analisis Kesalahan Terjemahan Teks Indonesia – Arab di Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia

(Descriptive Analytic study of Morphological Errors, syntax and semantic in the Indonesian Translation Text to Arabic Language Student of Arabic Language Education Department Indonesian Education University)
Ineu Nurtresnaningsih


This research is motivated by the discovery of errors when translating in terms of morphology, syntax and semantics. This error continues to be hereditary, as it has become a habit. In this case the researchers describe various kinds of errors that come from the morphological, syntactic, and semantic aspects obtained from the translation of Arabic-Indonesian texts by students of Arabic language education Indonesia Education University. The results of this error is obtained from the dissemination of written tests to students and to get more in-depth information and accurate then the researchers spread the questionnaire and conduct interviews on the students concerned. This research uses qualitative approach of descriptive analytic study method. With regard to the results of questionnaire and interview analysis, factors that influence translation error from the linguistic and non linguistic aspects are found. From the research finding, there were 229 kinds of mistakes consisting of 10 kinds of morphological errors (4%), 80 kinds of syntax errors (54%) and 139 semantic error (42%). And several factors that affect the translation error, namely: the interference, the lack of mastery of the rules and diction of Arabic, lack of practice to translate outside the classroom. The research recommendation is addressed to various parties, including teachers and further
Keywords: Error Analysis, Morphological, Syntax, Semantic, Translation

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